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Arkon - A Kickstarter Preview


PUBLISHER: Hill Gaming Company
DESIGNER: Casey Hill
TIME: 10-30 min


From the Publisher: Arkon is a fast-paced strategy card game, played from one central deck of 52 cards. Players must win clans, either through a bidding process, that functions like a silent auction, or through using their cards as actions, to take other players clans. The first player to get each of the four clans, or four of one type of clan out into play, wins.

I received a prototype version of Arkon. Components and Art may not be final and are subject to change.


Arkon is a simple game to learn, but behind the simplicity lays a deep strategy game of wits! It's played over a series of turns until one player successfully accumulates 4 of each clan member or 4 of 1 clan member.

Player Turn


There are 3 phases to a player’s turn; 2 action phases and a bidding phase.

First Action Phase

During this phase, players may play cards from their hands with the type “Action.” Actions can only be played on your turn.

Bidding Phase

During this phase, a player may put up for bid, one clan member from their hand. The active player may repeat this process any number of times. When a clan member goes up for bid, the card adds 2 influence to the active players bid. Starting with the active player, and moving clockwise, players may secretly play cards face-down for their influence value as part of their bid. When all players have bid or passed, bids are revealed. The player with this highest influence total wins the clan member. The winning player discards their cards, and players who did not win the bid return their cards to their hands.

Second Action Phase

This is a second phase for players to use any action cards from their hand; the same rules apply.

End of the Turn

At the end of the active players turn, if they put a clan member for bid, they draw 1 card. Additionally, every player draws 1 card at the end of each player’s turn.


How to Win

The player who successfully wins 1 of each clan member, or 4 of 1 clan member.

Multi-Use Cards

There are a variety of functions for the cards in Arkon. There are:

  • Action: These cards can be used the printed ability.
  • Influence: These cards are can be used for their influence value.
  • Counter: These cards can be used to negate the effect of the same card.
  • Response: These cards are played in response to an action or bid.


The art in Arkon is vibrant, and eye-catching. High fantasy theme works well with the mechanics of competing over the clans of the land.

Arkon incorporates a ton of tableau manipulation. Players will steal, remove, trade, and win clan members every turn. You’re never safe! Although, because of the high variance for these effects, some players will not enjoy that.

The game plays very quickly, and oftentimes, players will immediately wish to play again and avenge their loss or defend a victory.

There’s a hidden layer of strategic bluffing needed to pull out a win. Knowing when to bid high or bluff a low bid is essential to winning and adds to the re-playability of the game. Depending on the players at the table, very few games will feel the same.


Arkon is undeniably a fast-paced, edge of your seat card game. Managing your cards, using them at key moments, and reading your opponents are paramount to the game. While there’s a bluffing side to the game, utilizing the multi-use cards, and strategically bidding for clan members is not only fun but also tense. If you’re looking for a quick filler card game for game night, I would recommend that you look into Arkon to see if it’s a fit for you!

You will like this game if you enjoy: strategic card games, auction mechanics, bluffing, and trying to outsmart your opponents in a high-fantasy battle of wits.

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