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Blockchain: The Cryptocurrency Game - A Kickstarter Preview!


PUBLISHER: Say Cheves Games
DESIGNER: Tyler Cheves
PLAYERS: 2 - 4
TIME: 30 – 60 min

INTRODUCTION to Blockchain: The Cryptocurrency Game

From the Publisher: Blockchain is an action-based card game reflecting the risks, strategies, and disruption involved in the captivating world of cryptocurrency.

In Blockchain, use real-world strategies to be the first to accumulate 10 of each cryptocurrency coin in cold storage. Build your hand of cards so that you can mine, trade, and store coins during your action-based turns. Respond to challenges from fluctuating exchange rates, increased Server power, and surprise Hacks by other players. As the game progresses, creatively chain your versatile Block cards to increase your trade and storage opportunities.

I received a prototype version of Blockchain. Components and Art are subjective to change.


Blockchain is played in turns and each turn is broken down into phases. When your turn is over, play continues clockwise. The game ends when a player successfully stores 10 of each cryptocurrency from their wallet into their cold storage.


There are 3 types of cards in Blockchain:

Blocks: Blocks will help you take a wide variety of actions such as trade, store, chain, or mining!

Servers: Servers give players powerful actions, but there’s a consequence; you must pay for your server using cryptocurrency and you must pay the cost to another player!

Hacks: You and any other player may play Hack cards at any time during a player’s Action phase as well as between player’s turns. Always be clear about the action you are performing, and allow other players a chance to play a Hack card. Hacks are discarded after they resolve. You CANNOT play a Hack card during a player’s Mine or Pay phase(s).

The phases of a turn are:

Mine: At the beginning of your turn, draw until you have 5 cards in your hand.

Pay: During this phase, if you deployed a server in a previous turn, you can now pay to use the server.

Action: This the heart of the game. During this phase, players may take a number of different actions. You may, in any order:

  • Deploy a server: This will allow you to use your server on following turns, unless it’s removed by a Hack!
  • Play Blocks: This is the main way to take various actions. You may always play one block on your turn.
  • Chain Blocks: If you played a block with a chain icon, this allows you to play more blocks depending on the number value on the icon.
  • Trade: During this action, players will have the opportunity to manipulate the cryptocurrency market! Each currency’s value is equal to the current die face. You may only trade between two adjacent currencies. You may trade for less than the current exchange rate, but never more. When you make a trade, choose a player. They must trade with you, but cannot use currency in their cold storage vault.
  • Store: This allows you to win the game! Only through storing your currency can you meet the end game condition. Use the total number of badge icons on your blocks and/or activated server, and transfer that many coins from your wallet into your cold storage.

At the end of your turn, if you have more than 5 cards in your hand, you must discard until you have 5. Played blocks or hacks are discarded.


Blockchain offers a very unique theme that is rarely, if ever, seen in the board game hobby. It offers a nice mix of player interaction, and plays relatively quickly for up to 4 players. A well laid out player board will allow players to follow the game’s phase progression, and some may like the overall look of the art and graphic design. Manipulating the currency exchange market is fun, and allows players to feel the ebb and flow of “real” cryptocurrency markets. Trading with other players adds a layer of strategy that helps the game move along at a good pace. 

Blockchain is a light game, but plays quickly enough that it won’t overstay its welcome at your table. The take-that mechanics of the Hack cards may not be for all players, but they don’t feel overly mean, and they do allow for every player to stay in the thick of the competition.

The theme may not be for everyone, but the gameplay is incorporated very well and overall, Blockchain feels true to its theme.



Blockchain is a fast-paced, race to the finish for Hackers or Cryptocurrency fans of all ages! It incorporates an incredibly unique theme, and ties it together with interesting mechanics and interactive card play. The Hack cards provide a nice mix of player interaction without feeling overly “take that” or mean. Overall, Blockchain will deliver a fresh experience for gamers who like unique themes and fun gameplay. Do you have what it takes to Hack it with the best? Can you play the market, and win big? If so, check out Blockchain on Kickstarter!  

You will like this game if you enjoy: player interaction with “take-that,” Cryptocurrency, Futuristic themes, and a desire to feel like a Hacker without being listed on any NSA databases.  


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