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Meet Druid City Games' Team of Gaming Gurus!!!

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James Hudson - Designer

Harnessing the combined essence of P.T. Barnum and Walt Disney, James is in charge of all the things.

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Tiffany Gilliland - Project Manager

Tiffany loves all things board games, sci-fi, and puppies. She and her husband own a local board game store, Crimson Castle Games. The phrase, "Free time" is not in her vocabulary.

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Derek Funkhouser - Staff Writer, Community Manager

Derek is a weaver of words and silver tongued scholar for the Board Game Spotlight. When is isn't writing and playing games, he enjoys driving the promotional hype train. 

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Kelbey Vickerson - Director of Client Relations

Kelbey is a natural communicator and chronic people-pleaser. Known as "The artsy one." Her old soul and cerebral thinking style make brainstorming with clients a breeze

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Doug Butler - Chief Operating Officer

Doug is the Dumbledore of Druid City Games. He is the glue that holds it all together. Development, play-testing, guidance, and soothsaying.

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Dana Rocheck - Marketing Director

She's a proud Slytherin with a love for games, fitness, and food! The marketing realm, full of creativity and possibilities, is her happy place! 

James Hudson