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Kicking Class - A Kickstarter Preview!




From the Publisher:
Maybe you thought you were done with high school forever, or maybe you have been dreaming of the day you would finally start. Kicking Class brings an enticingly comical twist to high school. Players take on the role of students going through a whirlwind of hilariously relatable high school faux pas. In the game, you will race against your fellow students to come out on top and claim a full-ride scholarship to the university of your dreams.

Unlike your typical scholarships, which judge you based on boring things like your GPA or school contributions, the K.A. scholarship has developed its own unique ranking system. To claim this scholarship, you will need to pass classes, spread rumors, throw parties, and do whatever it takes to get the upper hand over your fellow students.

Whether you strive for popularity or bury your face behind textbooks, the options are endless. Now get ready to kick some class!

I received a prototype version of Kicking Class. Components and Art may not be final and are subject to change. 
Druid City Games and the Board Game Spotlight were paid to advertise, market and preview this game. Our opinions are our own and we remain objective as we play and preview our games for the board game community.  We reserve all rights to reject games that do not meet our standards.


Kicking class is a game for 1-4 players that has a game time of about 45 minutes.

In Kicking class you play as a student, making your way through all 4 years of high school, take your ACT, and win the full ride scholarship to college. The game is broken down into 4 years with 3 trimesters per year and a schools out turn.

At the beginning of the game each player will choose a character board. Every board has 2 unique powers that can be used throughout the game. These powers will help players successfully pass classes, or gain other tokens during the game. 

Each player is also given 2 random parent cards that dictate their starting dice color. Parents also have special abilities that can be used once during the game.. Your parent cards will also start in your hand, but do not count toward the hand limit of 7.  Everyone places their marker on the popularity track and draws three action cards to start the game. You're now ready to kick class!    

You prepare for the start of classes by placing the deck of cards that match the current year, starting with Freshman year and finishing with the Senior year. You will draw class cards for the Trimester, equal to the number of players plus 1 with three cards placed face up, and additional cards face-down.

The most popular player starts and picks a class to try to pass. Each class has a color that allows students with the same color die to re-roll it once. The classes have the condition for passing printed on them (e.g. roll a 7 or above, roll a sum from 15 to 19, roll 2 doubles). The harder the class, the harder the stipulation for passing. There are 5 levels of difficulty between the 4 years. You roll your dice first, and play any action cards after the initial roll. There is no limit to the amount of special abilities you may play on a turn. If you pass a class you place it face down by your player mat unless it has a special ability. Special ability cards slide under your mat with the power visible to you. These cards may allow you free re-rolls on other classes!  If you fail a class you take a card from the failure deck and immediately resolve its effect. Sometimes they hurt you, but sometimes they don't; it's a push your luck test. 

            After three trimesters there will be a School’s out phase. During this phase you can:

  1. Take the ACT: Players that wish to the the the ACT may do so, once per year, by discarding 3 Apple Tokens. You'll gather and roll the ACT dice, and add the sum of the roll to determine your score. If you have any pencil tokens, you can discard as many as you have to re-roll a die or add +1 to your overall score per token you own if you do not use them to re-roll. Your ACT score will be a added to your popular score at the end of the game. 
  2. Make Summer plans: They can either get a job/draw an action card, hang out/gain 2 popularity, or if they did not pass 2 classes they must take summer school. Taking summer school is the same as passing classes during the regular school year with the exception of no failure card being drawn if you do not pass.
  3. Gain 1 die: Every one increases their dice pool. They can either take a colored die they earned during the round that was stored in their reserve pool, or if they have no reserve they take 1 black die. Each year everyone adds exactly 1 die to their hand so as a freshman everyone will have 2, as a sophomore 3, etc.
  4. Each player draws 1 action card.
  5. Retrieve the deck for the next school year and draw cards equal to the player count +1. Again, the most popular player will start.

Players will continue through every year, until the end of the Senior Year. Players will score scholarship points for their best ACT Score, Popularity Score, Passed Classes, and any Scholarship Point tokens they gained throughout the game. The player with the most Scholarship Points is the winner!


Kicking Class is a game that oozes it's theme in every little detail. From the artwork, to the graphic design, you feel like you've been transported back into your glory days! The dice manipulation adds a nice layer of strategy, that is complemented by variable powers, and the push your luck aspect of the game keeps players on edge. Kicking Class offers players a family weight experience and the addition of a solo mode is thoughtful, and well executed! 

You will like this game if you enjoy: Push your luck, DICE!, thematic ties to game play, humor, and reliving your favorite memories as a High School Student.