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Crab Dash - A Kickstarter Preview!


PUBLISHER: Cohio Games
DESIGNER: Lucas Weese & Matt Schaub
TIME: 20-45 min

Introduction to Crab Dash

Crab Dash is a thrilling, edge of your seat hermit crab race for the entire family! You’ll never have this much fun, at such a slow pace, ever! Players will roll dice, move crabs, gain and bet pearls, all in the hope of choosing the winning crabs! Do you have what it takes to be a crab racing bookie? Find out for yourself in, Crab Dash!

I received a prototype version of Crab Dash. Components and Art may not be final and are subject to change.


Crab Dash is played over a series of turns until 3 hermit crabs cross the finish line!

Player Turn


On a player’s turn, they roll 3 dice.

  • The White die designates which two Crabs move based on the color on the die, and the corresponding color of the crab standee. The order of movement is always top to bottom.
  • The Red and Blue dice dictate the movement of the crabs on the white die. They may also provide additional cards, tokens, etc.

After rolling the dice, the active player then takes two of the following actions. They may take the same action twice:

  • Pay to place a betting cube on a betting board.
  • Pay to place a betting cube to make a lane bet.
  • Play a card.
  • Discard a card for Pearls.
  • Do nothing.

When a player ends their turn, they pass all 3 dice to the player on their left. The next turn begins!

Placing a Betting Cube

The cost to place a betting cube is equal to the crab’s current position the board. It costs 1 Pearl for the first 3 spaces, 2 Pearls for the middle 3 spaces, and 3 Pearls for the last 3 spaces.

A lane bet always costs 1 Pearl. You may only place lane bets until a Crab has finished the race in any of the lanes connected to the bet.

Play a Card

Playing cards is very straight-forward. You play a card to activate its effect and resolve its ability. If you discard the card instead, you gain Pearls equal to the top right value. You can play a card that says, “Play at Anytime” whenever you want! Shocking! Your turn, an opponent’s turn, you choose!

Game End and How to Win

When a Crab crosses the finish line, you add the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place trophy on that crabs betting board. The game ends as soon as the 3rd Crab finishes!

To calculate your end score, you multiply the number of betting cubes in each lane a crab finished, buy the number indicated on the lane bet space. Collect that many Pearls. Additionally, multiply the number of betting cubes you have on the betting boards of the crabs who finished, based on the payouts section! Collect that many pearls. Discard any remaining cards for 1 Pearl each.

The play with the most Pearls is the Crab Dash Champion!


Crab Dash is a game that is light, and fun for the whole family. It’s ease of entry is great for kids, and while I don’t encourage gambling addiction for kids under 13, Crab Dash adds a nice spice to a racing game. The card play will have your children laughing, as they manipulate the crabs all over the board, and the dice are thick and pleasing to roll! The game plays quickly, so families can hold the attention span of young ones, but it also serves as a nice filler for a beer and pretzel type of game.


Crab Dash is a light game, and caters to families with younger children. There’s a high variance of chance, and lady luck better be on your side! This is a “gambling” game after all!


Crab Dash is a game for family game nights, and will allow kids to enter the board game hobby! It’s light, quick, easy to learn, and there’s a lot of excitement watching your Crab slowly cross the finish line! 

You will like this game if you enjoy: dice rolling, family game nights, hermit crabs, or teaching your kids the positives and negatives of gambling.

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