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PreyCare - A Kickstarter Preview


PUBLISHER: Lazy Wolf Games
DESIGNER: Tommy Xiao
TIME: 10-30 min

Introduction to PreyCare

From the Publisher: The game is simple. You match cards in the same column. Failure to match up the cards means you screwed up and your baby creature gets mauled. Most games require you to have the highest score in order to win but not PreyCare. Each point above zero is blood on your hands. The player with the lowest score by the end of the game is the “winner.”

Yikes. For such an unassumingly simple and cute game, the theme is vicious! It’s imperative that you do your best to save these adorable creatures; their lives are literally depending on it!

I received a prototype version of PreyCare. Components and Art are subject to change.


PreyCare is a light, family weight game. Each player is dealt 10 cards, two rows of 5 cards.


The goal of the game is to match pairs of animals in each of your five columns. Reducing your score is simple: when you match two cards in the same column, their numbers cancel each other out and their value becomes zero. If you don’t match a column before the end of the game, I have bad news for you – those creatures are eaten. Each player will add up all columns together, and the player with the least amount of unmatched animals is the winner.

Taking Your Turn

On a player’s turn, they must draw from either the top of the draw or discard pile.

  • When a player takes a card from the draw deck, they can either replace a face-up or face-down card in their tableau. A player may decide they do not want the drawn card, and discard it to end their turn.
  • If a player chooses to take the top card of the discard pile, they must replace a card in their tableau. The replaced card is then discarded.

Each numeral in PreyCare has an associated special ability. This ability is activated when a play matches a column of cards. The effect happens immediately unless otherwise stated and card abilities can be chained together.

  • 0: +10 points to your final score.
  • 1: Trash a card from the left or right of this column.
  • 2: Skip your next turn.
  • 3: Next player must draw two cards.
  • 4: Draw the top card from the discard pile on your next turn.
  • 5: Look at one of your face down cards.
  • 6: Draw the top two cards from the discard pile on your next turn.
  • 7: Switch two card positions from your field (from different columns).
  • 8: Switch two card positions from any opponent’s field.
  • 9: Swap one of your cards with another player.
  • 10: Trash any card in play. Player must immediately redraw to replace.
  • 11: Skip the next opponent’s turn.
  • 12: -5 points to your final score.

End of the Game and How to Win

When a player flips their last face-down card face-up, players will finish the current round. Then, all players have one last turn before the game ends.

To determine the winner, all players add up the scores of unmatched pairs of cards in their columns, and add any points, if applicable, from card abilities.

The player with the lowest score at the end of the game is the winner!


PreyCare is a simple game that will allow families to connect around the table! The theme is amusing, and the art is anime-lite.   

The creature abilities provide opportunity for a lot of player interaction and kids will enjoy stealing, removing and disrupting their opponent’s tableau.

If you’re familiar with the classic card game, Golf, then you will immediately feel at home playing PreyCare.

The game plays quickly, and will hold the attention of young gamers for its duration.

The art, graphic design and layout are very clean and everything is easily read and distinguishable.



PreyCare is a light game and it knows it’s audience. It’s geared towards kids and their families, and it does it well.

There is a high variance of luck, based on what you draw or what is discarded.

If you dislike take-that mechanics, you are unlikely to enjoy PreyCare. A lot of the creature abilities allow you to screw with your opponent’s cards in their tableau.


PreyCare is an evolution of the classic card game, Golf. It’s easy, quick and provides families the opportunity to spend quality time saving precious animals from bloodthirsty carnivores. The variable creature abilities add interesting choices for players. If you are looking for a fun card game to play with your kids, you should look no further! Overall, PreyCare offers high player interaction, with fun creatures and abilities that will quickly gain and hold the attention of younger gamers.

You will like this game if: you have children who love to play games, your family enjoys cute zoo animals, and you enjoy a little luck with your take that card games.

PreyCare launches on kickstarter november 16th! 

Don't miss your chance to save these animals! Think of the children!

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